Braintree by PayPal

The Braintree Drop-in UI is the quickest way to start accepting credit card payments.




The plugins featured have the following common functionality.

Pre-formatted payment form (Braintree iFrame).

 Supports OnePage and Standard checkout flow

 Support for HTTP requests to be made through a proxy.

Support transaction Refund and Partial-refund

Support Cancelling the cart


You can purchase one or more variants, please choose the payment methods best suited for you.

1. Standard

  • options:
    • require Card holder name


2. CreditCards

  • options
    • Vault -- customer can save and edit credit card details
    • Recurring Billing -- you can charge your customers automatically in monthly increments.


3. 3D Secure Credit Cards

  • options
    • verify and anti-fraud checks


4. PayPal

  • options
    • use PayPal purchase flow


5. PayPal Credit

  • options
    • use PayPal Credit purchase flow


Please note only the 'Standard' variant is currently available.

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v4.20 Braintree Standard

  • For a simple, good looking integration, BrainTree Drop-in API provides a form for entering payment information.
  • The DropIn.cshtml page with the IFrame displays immediately after the Checkout 'Confirm' button is clicked.
  • The plugin verifies the payment status with BrainTree and redirects to the 'Order Completed' (successfull) or the 'Home' page.
  • BrainTree Drop-in API solution: embedded on the merchant's website secure payment window Customers pay directly via BrainTree without knowing they've been redirected is responsive to allow payments on any device
  • Features supported by the Standard version
    • payments by credit cards (only)
    • refund payment
    • option to Cancel order
    • option to require Card holder name
    • option to pass your site identification to the payment provider
  • The plugin supports Store pick-up points and standard Shippng address
  • Works with One-page checkout and standard checkout workflow.