Adaptative Paiements Plugin

Le Bricksn'site Web utilise exclusivement le AdaptivePayments plugin pour remplir votre commande avec PayPal.

Adaptive Payments

Vous pouvez choisir de payer par une gamme de cartes de crédit ou par compte PayPal (y compris chèque électronique ) .

Votre achat comprend une licence pour installer le plugin, soit un seul site ou plusieurs URL de site.

Produits en vedette

v4.20 Braintree Standard

  • For a simple, good looking integration, BrainTree Drop-in API provides a form for entering payment information.
  • The DropIn.cshtml page with the IFrame displays immediately after the Checkout 'Confirm' button is clicked.
  • The plugin verifies the payment status with BrainTree and redirects to the 'Order Completed' (successfull) or the 'Home' page.
  • BrainTree Drop-in API solution: embedded on the merchant's website secure payment window Customers pay directly via BrainTree without knowing they've been redirected is responsive to allow payments on any device
  • Features supported by the Standard version
    • payments by credit cards (only)
    • refund payment
    • option to Cancel order
    • option to require Card holder name
    • option to pass your site identification to the payment provider
  • The plugin supports Store pick-up points and standard Shippng address
  • Works with One-page checkout and standard checkout workflow.